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Testimonials - Just a Few

"I am 45 years old and have

not experienced anything like this! Fantastic." SL 

"Regenerated" BG

"Enlightened!" CW     

"Last year went so well, after learning the practices I lost weight, made money and feel great" JD

"You are wonderful" EC

"Amazing, everything you said it would be and more!" RS

"Powerful session, you're yummy" RM

"Truely worth the time and investment" LM

"I have had sessions around the world, this is in the top two!" KW

"Magnificent! Magnificent! Excellent facilitation." LA

"An awesome experience" MA

"I never got a chance to thank you for your help in healing me and bringing back enthusiasm to my life. I changed many aspects

of my life and as the result, as you promised, I met

a wonderful lady and we became soul mates within the first 24 hours after meeting. It seemed like we had known each other forever but our paths never crossed before then." Alex

"I feel pampered and unleashed!" DC

"A life changing experience" JM

"I feel more energized and alive than ever!" HO

"Loved the session.... You may use the following including my name... I studied tantra many years ago through several books, but found that it was not the right time in my life to pursue it. Life changes have brought me to the point of feeling a burning need to revisit the teachings. There is a

fire in my soul which has been rekindled and I wanted to channel and direct the sacred sexuality teachings to reach higher states of awareness. I also want to share this with my true love when I find him. Tara's loving, attentive guidance and

reiki chakra balancing have energized me and ensured me that I am on the right path."

Debbie K-B

"My relationship has re-ignited and I am happy" JH

Thanks to your help we are moving forward in our ways to express love. We will stay in touch

as our journey unfolds. In the meantime, please know how much we appreciate you as a person and the sacred practices and ancient wisdom

you share, Know what good you are doing in

the world!   KM

"A deeper, sustained experience" DM


"I am returning" Rl

"Whoever missed their session, thanks, I got it! She is Beautiful" KL


"I feel awake, alive, alert yet relaxed." SM


"After surgery I thought this joy in my life was gone forever - until I experienced

the full body O" BR

"Incredible, perfect there are no words..." MC


"My life has opened in many very

subtle ways" KN


"The second session was even more powerful, like I was open to it!" JD

"The Sacred Bath really relaxed and opened me to the whole experience which

was undescribable" DA

As an attorney, I was very skeptical. However by the end I was released from a

childhood trauma and

had a clear view of how to proceed to heal this in my life. I later realized how

wonderful and free I felt. Thank you Tara. I am most grateful. SC

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