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Free Your Mind from Limiting Beliefs

What do you want instead of what you have now? Your beliefs create your life. Change your beliefs, change your life!

Use a powerful tool for life transformation. You can learn to shift your

subconscious beliefs, at a cellular level, to create the life you want now!!

a uniquely effective whole-brain 'technology' for belief change

that aligns subconscious beliefs with conscious goals for rapid,

long lasting change. 'A spiritual process with life changing benefits.'

How you perceive events is largely determined by your

subconscious beliefs. Hence, altering your unwanted subconscious

beliefs promotes cellular healing. It is our beliefs, not our genes,

that control our lives. As you transform the disharmonious

programming within your thoughts and mind, your body then

produces the healing chemistry that matches your beliefs and

you move into life-affirming experiences.

People have achieved success with phobias, stress, anxiety, addiction, allergies, trauma, depression, procrastination, health problems, smoking, enhancing relationships, self-esteem, job performance, prosperity and much more!


Even life-long patterns of struggle can be changed quickly & easily by simply "re-programming" the sub-conscious mind to support you with techniques that alter the conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious minds!

Go beyond affirmations, willpower and positive thinking.

I am a Professional Psych-K Facilitator - call to transform your life!

(561) 523-9711

Creating Heaven on Earth"


I was working on several triggers, controlling people, desire for attention and appreciation, and the presence of an x-wife in my intimate relationship. Brenda, knew how to set up the session so that if a visual cue was needed she created it for me. If I muscle tested negative to be able to shift to a desired behavior, she prepared me until my body mind spirit was able to accept it. And after working with her, I found myself much more peaceful and accepting of my partners behaviors which were irritating to me before. I was able to take ownership of my part in the dynamic between us which were causing me to be upset.

Brenda was compassionate, understanding and loving in her treatment and interaction with me as well as helpful in reprogramming my subconscious behaviors which were running the show.

I would recommend Brenda to anyone who is dealing with an issue which seems to keep reappearing no matter what you have done to shift the energy. This work gets to the root of the issue, the subconscious programming which underlies most behaviors we have in our lives and are unaware of.

Susan Konack Ph.D.

I have had sleep problems on & off for 20 years. I can GET to sleep fine, it is just staying asleep. I have tried everything- meds, acupuncture , herbs, exercise, yoga, hypnosis but nothing worked consistently. A friend of mine told me about Brenda & Psych-K. I was skeptical at first, but was willing to give anything a try. The Psych-K treatment worked GREAT! It was 1 treatment over the PHONE- I didn’t even have to go to an office or miss work. I can’t recommend the process & Brenda enough- I’m a different person with sleep, lots more energy & in a better mood! Thank you Brenda & Psych-K Maria

After choosing a successful career over relationships for 30 years, I fell in love with a wonderful man that was the man of my dreams. I thought had finally found the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with! Unfortunately, after 4 years the wonderful, caring, affectionate man was having frequent Bi-Polar episodes, rage, hostility AND became addicted to a cult. He was unwilling to acknowledge or seek help for any

of those issues.


I was beyond depressed, into despair & hopelessness. Anyone who has had a broken heart knows the feeling, just this time I’m 63!! The psychological significance

thinking I had found a soul mate to spend the rest of my life with is much different

than at 16, 26, 36 or even 56!!!!


Many months of psychological counseling and doing all the “right” things were not helping the loneliness & emptiness inside. Dark…cold….empty…..hopeless………………..


In complete & utter desperation, I turned to Brenda


I must confess, I was not expecting much or really anything in a phone session, or

else another long drawn out series of sessions that cost many dollars.


Brenda’s empathy came through in our first conversation- I was impressed by her knowledge & caring. I somehow knew I could trust my fragile heart to her.


After the first session, I felt a great mental, emotional, physical & spiritual release. Uncovering, discovering releasing the old programs & feelings stored in my body was

like having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt lighter but more solid at the

same time. I could see there MIGHT, just MIGHT be a great life after. I felt freedom

from the toxic bonds for the first time. Not only felt, could truly see the toxicity!


I started feeling like my old self again! In ways I never would have imagined.

I formerly always been an early riser & doer- a true morning person. That was gone

in the depressive abyss. Now I’m able to jump up with eagerness, plans, ideas & creativity. For life, health, nature, love and anything else God brings us today!


Does it still hurt? HELL yes. Is it getting better- 200 times better!!


What I did find is I LIKE me! ME with the quirks, ME with all my faults, ME that’s not perfect. I missed her & don’t want to lose her again. I am continuing to work to

keep my heart open for a truly loving, healthy, safe & rewarding partnership.

Knowing he is there, looking for me as well.


Thank you Brenda


Jennifer L

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