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Tara Lotus  Temple

Tantra - The Art of Loving

YOUR AMAZING SESSION BEGINS WITH....candles, music, incense - a bell sounds                                  and you learn and practice the arts of Tantra. In your first session you will learn and                        experience the ancient practices of breathing, toning (mantras), yantras, eye-gazing,                          bondas, mudras, sacred-spot, nurturing and honoring. This will ignite 7 energy centers                      (chakras, wheels of light) so later as you 'ride your wave', you will experience a                                         full body, 7- centered experience (not just one).


Further, because clients are freeing energy for pleasure, creativity, personal power,                                 love, insight and connection; many report their lives are opening in all areas,                                            for the better.


You will receive a delightful experience with essential and exotic oils to                                               awaken-your- senses.


Our culture and education have hidden the 'truth'. This lack of education and                                misinformation has left most people confused and/or scared. Here is the truth as we                                have come to understand it and here is healing for those wounds.                                                          Celebrate your Sacred Sexuality!! ECSTACY

What a Session is Like?

The blissful oasis setting is private, secure and beautiful with tranquil music and                             waterfall.

This is your time to relax, escape and expand! (See rates on overview)

 Then Awaken-Your-Senses through delightful touch using exotic oils and featuring a nine-point Taoist flower ceremony.

Add an outdoor, private Jacuzzi Dip.

Embrace pleasure as a sacred connection to your creative power. Discover the most profound, ecstatic states! Use your energy body as an sacred art form. Reclaim your body as a pathway to Divine. Enjoy passion as an energetic sacrament.

This practice, from Tantra Yoga, can aid in conditions of PE and ED healing.

Tantric Healing

"In passionate embrace a couple explores the spiritual nature of love. With skillful awareness they bring the sexual energy up the "Chakras"     to the crown. Here it expands into a radiant mandala of cosmic energy." Willow

History of Tantra:

In ancient India there existed a matriarchal society, before Hinduism and Buddhism. It is believed many of the tantric traditions originated there. The woman "goddess" was honored (so was the man). The belief was, as she was energized and happy this flowed to the man, thus empowering him! If a person is in harmony with self and the environment, then so is their partner. The two can then commune on a daily basis to share the beautiful energy of the Divine. The union is happy, therefore the family is happy. When families are happy the community is happy and so on.

White Tantra refers to the practice for the individual to connect to the Divine including breath-work, toning and contraction to bring energy up, connecting it to the heart. These practices can also be done with a partner.

Red Tantra refers to the practices which bring the sacred to sexuality. The sexual center is actually a powerful energy center (chakra). When the energy is brought into the other chakras it can be used to create, use power and compassion, gain insight and connect with Divine Source. The energy of this chakra relates to family and sexuality so there is great potential for healing wounds from those areas.

"You can not heal energetic, emotional trauma through talk-therapy. You can heal though loving energy and emotion." Charles Muir co-author Tantra - A Guide to Conscious Loving" an in depth study of Tantra...........

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