Tara Lotus Temple - TANTRA - Enlightened, Sacred Sexuality
Welcome!  To Tantra
If you're looking for the ultimate experience - you've come to the right place!
Enjoy the exquisite practices, taken from ancient Indian texts, to activate,
energize and harmonize yourself. By igniting the energy centers in the body (chakras) you can discover your true, magnificent potential!
Acquire the knowledge to become a Master lover, Attain worldly goals, and Uplift your spirit.  Through 7 practices of breathing, toning, bondas, eye-gazing, sacred-spot, nurturing, and honoring, you can open 7 energy centers of the body for; increased, sustained pleasure, creativity, personal power, love, truth, insight and connection to Divine - Enlightenment!   
Tantra - The Art of Loving Then Awaken-Your-Senses through a delightful,  massage, using exotic oils, and featuring a Taoist, "Nine Flower" sensual massage. 
Add a Sacred Shower Ceremony, with a sea-salt scrub and a rain-forest rinse. Or an outdoor, private Jacuzzi Dip.
Embrace pleasure as a sacred connection to your creative power.  Discover the most profound, ecstatic  orgasmic states! Use Sexuality as an art form, sacred.  Reclaim your body as a pathway to Divine. Enjoy Sex as an energetic sacrament.
This practice, from Tantra Yoga, can aid in conditions of PE and ED; Sexual Healing.
The blissful oasis setting is private, secure and beautiful with tranquil music, and waterfall.
This is your time to relax, escape and expand! 
Choose from a variety of services: 
Temple Donation/Investment
  • THE JOURNEY BEGINS - One and one half-hour first session, custom-designed, (see questionnaire) Teachings and sensual massage $149 
  • Include the 45 min. DVD, to take home, for $19.95
       Add a Sacred Shower Ceremony with seasalt-scrub    and rain-shower rinse, for one half-hour at $49
    Or an outdooor, private Jacuzzi dip $15
  • Couples Two-hour session $199
  • One-hour session available for returning clients $99    ($400 for a package of 5 visits)
  • Goddess Worship Training (advanced clients only) one and one half-hour $199
  • One-hour therapeutic  (non-sensual) $85
  • One-hour simply sensual, soothing, (no teaching)$99
  • One-hour teachings only, (no massage)  $99
HOURS:  Daily 11 am - 7 pm daily, by appointment
  Contact me today!  (561) 634-0977
"In passionate embrace a couple explores the spiritual nature of love.  With skillful awareness they bring the sexual energy up the "Chakras" to the crown.  Here it expands into a radiant mandala of cosmic energy."  Willow
Tantric Healing and Meditation
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